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Wednesday 13th June 2018

Keynote Session – Future Proofing Your City

09.15 Welcome from Juliet Media

Mike Barrell, Managing Director, Juliet Media, UK

09.25 Chairman's Opening Remarks

Morning Chairman: Carl Piva, International Smart City Expert, Sweden 


09.35 Harnessing Technology for Urban Innovation

  • Advanced urban services

  • Digital transformation disruption - are city strategies and regulations fit for purpose?

  • Staying with the technology curve

Jarmo Eskelinen, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Future Cities Catapult, UK

10.00 UK Government 5G Testbeds and Trials

  • Drivers for the government’s 5G programme

  • Funding announcements made on 5G in the UK

  • Key objectives for the DCMS 5G programme

  • The UK 5G ecosystem

  • Current and future 5G programme project

Tony Sceales, Sector Coordination Lead, 5G Programme,  Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, UK

10.25 Challenges and Opportunities of Smart City Programmes

  • Enabling digital transformation by having a ‘brain’ that provides a holistic view of everything in the city

  • Using the Fiware open framework to allow multi-agency collaboration and avoid vendor lock-in

  • Case studies – Santander, Lisbon, Bristol

Javier Concha, EMEA Cloud & IoT Business Director, NEC and Peter Anderson, Head of Service, Operations Centre, Bristol City Council, UK


10.50 Networking Refreshment Break

Smart City Administration

11.25 Identifying the Right Strategy to Transform Your City

  • Improving city administration utilising digital technologies

  • Creating infrastructure to connect citizens and technology

  • Adapting to meet the needs of a growing and diverse population

Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas, USA


11.45 Digital Transition in Eindhoven

  • Transition in the organisation

  • Strategy on a local, national and European level

  • Examples from the story so far

Jonas Onland, Program Leader Digital Transition, City of Eindhoven, The Netherlands


12.05 Meeting the Needs of Smart Citizens

  • How citizens behaviour, expectations and needs change as technology evolves

  • How can technology be leveraged to improve the quality of life of citizens?

  • How can citizens participate in co-creating their smart city?

  • How can data drive the smart city?

Jonathan Reichental, Chief Information Officer, City of Palo Alto, USA 

12.25 What Organisational and Cultural Change is Needed to Create a Smart City?

  • Setting ambitious organisational goals and targets

  • What cultural changes are needed?

  • How cities once far behind business for innovation are now global leaders

Shawn Slack, Chief Information Officer, City of Mississauga, Canada 


12.45 Networking Lunch Break 

Afternoon Chairman: Tony Sceales, Sector Coordination Lead 5G Programme, Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, UK

14.05 Varna Evolution Towards A Smart City

  • Smart infrastructure makes life more comfortable

  • Young people turning the city smarter

  • Education and culture to humanise smart city technologies

  • Varna – one of the EU Digital Hubs

Svilen Spassov, Senior Advisor to the Mayor, City of Varna, Bulgaria

Smart Transportation & The Smart City Environment

14.25 Improving Transportation with Data and Innovation

  • Low carbon and driverless mobility programmes

  • City-wide deployment of video motion sensors with an AI component that can link to traffic signals

  • Using data exchange and innovation platforms to support business and citizen innovation

Geoff Snelson, Director of Strategy and Futures, Milton Keynes Council, UK

14.45 Improving City Environments with Smart Approaches

  • How can smart technology, data and analytics help tackle urgent environmental challenges?

  • Where should you focus in the urban environment?

Daniel Fletcher, Associate Professor, IE School of Architecture & Design, Spain


15.05 Panel  Discussion- 21st Century Cities

  • City growth visions

  • Using smart technology for urban regeneration

  • How can cities best evolve?

Paul Morrissey, Chairman, Smart Liverpool, UK

Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas, USA

Juergen Maier, Chief Executive Officer, Siemens, UK

Jem McKenna-Percy, Programme Manager for Sharing Cities, Greater London Authority, UK


15.35 Networking Refreshment Break

16.00 Futures Stage Keynote – Urbanisation and Cities - Leading a World City in the 21st Century

The Futures Stage delivers the latest insights, providing a lively and illuminating centrepiece to the diverse Festival experience. A dynamic and lively platform for global innovators, influencers and industry experts to share ideas and inspiration. 

Sadiq Khan, Mayor, London, UK

Steve Rotherham, Metro Mayor, Liverpool City Region, UK

16.45 Mayor’s Challenges Introduction and Introduction of Finalists

Paul Morrissey, Chairman, Smart Liverpool, UK

17.30 Networking Drinks Sponsored by Geospock

18.30 Close of Day One




Thursday 14th June 2018

What Challenges are City Mayors Facing?


Morning Chairman: Paul Morrissey, Chairman, Smart Liverpool, UK

09.00 Panel Discussion - City Mayors

  • Key challenges cities are facing

  • Top 5 priorities

  • How should cities and technology companies be working together?

Daniel Termont, Mayor, City of Ghent, Belgium

James Noakes, Mayoral Lead for Energy and Smart City, Liverpool City Council, UK

Lorenzo Perra, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Florence, Italy

Mayor’s Challenges Finalists Presentations


09.40 Smart Environment Challenge Finalist

Neal Kalita, Smart Energy Manager, NEC


09.55 Smart Environment Challenge Finalist

Ian Aaron, Chief Executive Officer, Ubicquia


10.10 Smart Transport Challenge Finalist

Richard Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Geospock


10.25 Smart Transport & Ageing Population Challenge Finalist

Drew Jordan, Director Product Architecture, Office of CTO, Sigma Systems


10.50  Networking Refreshment Break


11.30 Ageing Population Challenge Finalist

Gary Mcfarlane, Co-Founder, Oblige Global

11.40 Smart Health Challenge Finalist

Faye Tomson, Director, District Eating

11.50 Smart Health Challenge Finalist

Thomas De Carvalho Gross, Co-Founder, Aquarate

12.00 Smart Social Skills Challenge Finalist

Steve Large, Technical Director, Hubeleon

12.10 Smart Social Skills Challenge Finalist

James Gumble, Co-Founder & CEO, Xpand


Smart Energy, Mobility & Health


12.20 Energy and Smart City Sustainability

  • Smart energy in the city

  • Engaging consumers

  • Driving behavioural change in energy use

  • The government role in promoting smart cities

Eddie Bet-Hazavdi, Representative, Israel Smart Cities Institute, Israel

12.45 Smart Energy Rollout

  • Smart metering

  • Engaging consumers

  • Driving behavioural change in energy use

John MacNeil, Head of Policy and Communications Scotland, Smart Energy GB, UK

13.10 Announcement of Mayor's Challenges Winners

13.20 Networking Lunch Break

Afternoon Chairman: Paul Wilson, Co-Founder Bristol is Open & UK5G and Chief Marketing Officer, TM Forum, UK

14.55 Panel Discussion - Energy, Mobility and The Role of Digital Technology in Cities Moving Forward

  • Energy transition to low carbon

  • The importance of connectivity in smart cities

  • Digital transformation in the city environment

Darren Higgins, Commercial Director, TransPennine Express, UK

Alfred Kazemier, Director, Urban Planning, City of Groningen, The Netherlands

Gary Mcfarlane, Co-Founder, Oblige Global, UK

Delivering Better Liveability Overall


15.25 Smart Dublin - Priorities to Drive Smart City Evolution

  • Changing organisation models and processes to drive smart city development

  • Development of the Dublin docklands smart district

  • Smart city innovation programme

Jamie Cudden, Smart Cities Lead, City of Dublin, Ireland 

15.50 Closing Remarks

Joe Anderson, Mayor, City of Liverpool, UK 


16.05 Networking Refreshment Break

16.30 Futures Stage Keynote – The Future World of Work: Humans Adding Value

The Futures Stage delivers the latest insights, providing a lively and illuminating centrepiece to the diverse Festival experience. A dynamic and lively platform for global innovators, influencers and industry experts to share ideas and inspiration.

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Shadow Business Secretary, UK


17.30 Close of Conference

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