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Entry Deadline: May 31st

Companies can enter their solutions for review by Liverpool City Council in advance of the event and shortlisted companies will then be able to present their ideas onsite to enable to a final decision as well as showcase the solution in the networking area to the many other city representatives from around the world in attendance.


Liverpool City Council is committed to working with successful challenge winners to deploy their solutions on a trial basis in the city. Successful organisations will get to work in a real-world city environment for at least 6 months through a formal partnership with the city council and, where possible, its partners. Prior to the Smart City event, participants will be able to discuss their ideas with Liverpool City Council to address forming the formal partnerships and understand local deployment issues. In the longer term, Liverpool City Council and its partners may decide to proceed to a full-scale procurement process for solutions.


This is a great opportunity to get insights from a leading municipal authority whilst also potentially deploying solutions in the real world. Successful ideas will be decided by a panel of experts and those partners who will work on the deployment. Those who do not succeed will still benefit from being able to analyse their solutions, receive advice on development and feedback on their approach - as well as link into wider networks and markets.


The key challenges are:

  1. Smart Transport - How do we enable sustainable, low carbon, equitable travel in a city? How do we overcome current and future travel issues?

  2. Smart Environment - What can we do to improve the urban environment to make it more sustainable including waste management, improving air quality and making energy options low carbon?

  3. Smart Health - How can we improve the health of an urban population? What opportunities and solutions are there for addressing current and future health issues?

  4. Ageing Population - How do we respond to the challenge of an ageing population? What changes does a city need to take into account? How can social care be delivered more effectively?

  5. Smart Social Skills - How do we get people ready for the future world of work? How do we provide key skills? How do we address the issue of unemployment at all stages of a working life?



In the Challenges section of the Smart Cities Realised event Liverpool City Council is working with Smart Liverpool to manage and implement the Challenge program.


Under the program up to £5,000 shall be set aside for each Challenge winner in support funding. The challenges are as detailed above and cover various areas of the Smart City domain which Liverpool City Council wish to explore. Organisations can individually or collectively submit applications for the Challenges and these will be judged by a panel of global and local experts including Deputy Mayor of Liverpool Ann O’Byrne, Dr Jonathan Reichental, Cllr James Noakes, Professor Paul Morrissey & Carl Piva.


The challenge winners will be announced on June 14th.


The challenge winners will have six months to undertake a proof of concept project with the Council in the specific domain and upon successful completion of the POC, the Challenge support funding will be released.


All questions shall be submitted to Professor Paul Morrissey at the following address:

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